Studios and units 2019-20

An undergraduate 'studio' (or postgraduate 'unit') is a smaller study group taken by Year 2 and 3 undergraduate students in art, architecture and design and postgraduate architecture student at The Cass. Each studio is led by a member of academic staff, often in association with a professional practitioner or organisation. At the start of the year, the leaders of each studio present their studio's themes, position and approach to all students during a market day. Students then choose their preferred studio from the wide range of issues, methods of working and types of projects available.

The studio approach brings many benefits including smaller and more focused teaching groups, a joined-up approach to modules, experience of professional practice, collaboration and teamwork, opportunities to exhibit and even an element of healthy competition. If a studio isn't popular enough with our students it doesn't run – so our academic staff work hard every year to make sure that they are appealing, engaging, challenging and relevant.

Image: Jon Rafman, 9-eyes, 2009-ongoing; online artwork

Jon Rafman, 9-eyes, 2009-ongoing; online artwork

Archive studios

Our studios evolve year on year. You can see details of older studios in our studio archive.





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