Studio 3D 04: Evocative Objects

Studio brief

The ingredients are in your hands.

To create an authentically new mix requires a discussion with yourself and others about the tensions between the body as the canvas and the messages you send. You are the creator but where does that leave the viewer, the critic and ultimately the owner? Who is this mysterious personality? You will explore and discover why they would wear your jewels and what makes it meaningful, significant and covetable.

Only you will understand the limits of the materials with which you experiment, push them hard, rip and tear until they yield to your will.

Enjoy the extrovert weirdness of your thoughts and the outcomes you achieve. Look at the awkward and uncomfortable, create your mastery of idea with an authentically dysfunctional process…then make sense of it. Critique and understand the relationships between research, drawing, experiments in materials and design. Make your jewels speak to others, tell them what you think, give a genuine and thought provoking response to the life you live. Wait and watch the dynamic relationship between jewel and wearer, how do they respond and change with the presence of one another? How can you control or lose control of this dynamic? Does it matter to you?

Make it (what?) work hard and listen to the stories it tells, the memories it will evoke.

Reclined shovel


Course Fashion Accessories and Jewellery BA (Hons)
Textile Design BA (Hons)
Tutors Marianne Forrest
Simone ten Hompel
Heidi Yeo
Where Calcutta House
Studio 4, fourth floor CM4-22
When Tuesday and Friday

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