Studio brief

This is a space to let rip and live big! Dream no longer, here imagination knows no bounds. Experiment and make new discoveries, explore what it means to be free and alive; passion and fear are all key ingredients for this fruit salad. Anything goes, turn it upside down and inside out.

Are there any limitations to what you can imagine? If so where are they, what are they and why do they exist? Question everything, what is real, what is fantasy? FRUIT MACHINE is the physical space where the two meet and join to transform your perception and materialise into new ideas.

Unleash your alter-ego, you make the rules of who you want to be. Search deep within for inspiration and have fun doing it. Be bold and experimental and do not be afraid to encounter some sticky situations.

Source, research, development all lead to the end result. Delve deep and extensively to do yourself justice and truly create a worthy outcome. Start from the beginning, go back in time and look towards the future, you never know what you will uncover.

Document your findings, experiments and your journey to discovery. Mix and find new solutions and methods, consider, what is the purpose of your creation? Is it form or function? Is your goal to create pieces whose purpose is utility or purely visual? Does it have to have a purpose? Why does it need to be visual, perhaps it’s sensory, or exists in darkness, or in the light?

Mask exhibition


Course Fashion BA (Hons)
Textile Design BA (Hons)
Tutors Steph Aman (Studio Lead)
Roisin Dunne
Theresa Hewlett
Jolanta Cerniauskiene
Marianne Forrest
Where Calcutta House
Studio 5, fourth floor CM4-21
When Tuesday and Friday

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