Studio 14: A Material World

Studio brief

As the title suggests, this Studio will be based on the processes that are intrinsic to the design and making of textiles. However, it will also be looking at the materiality of these textiles as objects.

We will be looking at the meaning and significance of material artefacts, and how they can give us a greater understanding of our culture and times. Researching into the context of the design and manufacture of textiles connects to issues of identity, wellbeing, memory, consumption and value. Material as object, garment, furnishing, art, can explore how textiles are embedded in our cultural traditions and give us insight into ourselves and our society.

We will be visiting galleries and archives to examine how the material artefact informs us, and how as practitioners, your understanding of making will be the starting point for further inquiry.

A Material World


Tutors Emma Davenport


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