Studio Photo 07: Shifting Glances

Studio brief

A fleeting stream of images passes on our screens: everyone has a camera, we snap photos on our phones, we upload them to the cloud, we like them on Instagram, we search them on online platforms, we send them to friends, we Snapchat them to strangers.

The way we create, perceive and consume photographs is evolving at increasing peace; photography has always been driven by technological innovation, which has democratised the access to image production and distribution. The digital development, however, has not killed the analogue medium: increased accessibility to printing technologies has prompted a revival of printed independent magazines. Digital and analogue, printed and on-screen, still or moving images: photography nowadays is a pervasive experience that takes multiple forms.

This studio will explore and experiment with a range of critically challenging photographic approaches to fashion editorial, portrait and commercial photography, giving you an in-depth understanding of the ever-shifting aesthetics of contemporary imagery. It will analyse the role of the photographer in our image-driven culture and the importance of establishing a unique aesthetic identity, a signature style that will stand the test of time and of the technological shift.

You will have the freedom to choose your medium, from large-format analogue to video production, from inkjet printing to online platforms and you will be encouraged to work cross-media to achieve your singular photographic approach.

Studio reading

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Magazines and websites

ID Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Oh Comely!, Suitcase, Kinfolk, The Travel Almanac, PussPuss Magazine, Oak: The Nordic Journal, The Gentlewoman, Nicotine Magazine, Contributor Magazine.

Show Studio fashion films


Image: Berzan Isik, Portrait (2019)

Close-up face shot of female with small pearl-like face jewellery around eyes


Course Fashion Photography BA (Hons)
Photography BA (Hons)
Fine Art BA (Hons)
Painting BA (Hons)
Tutors Paola Leonardi
Lee Brodhurst Hooper
Where Calcutta House
Small Annex, CA3-04
When Monday 10am to 5pm, Thursday 10am to 5pm

Fine Art


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