Studio 3D 02: Engage = React

Studio brief

It is your future, professionally, socially and culturally. How is the work you produce going to help you shape this? The question should never be…’is this enough?’ It should be ‘do I feel I have done enough’ and ‘does this situate my work where I want to it to be?’

This year is about meeting your own expectations, we as tutors will provide the circumstances for your learning and we help pose the questions that need to be asked. We will support ideas and encourage innovation, we will also challenge.

Remember we want to learn about this world you will be designing for us. We may have helped to shape the world as it is – you hold the reins of how it will be.

The studio will approach a series of projects and live opportunities for you to engage with, we want to be astonished and surprised – make us feel we have to stop you working, please don’t make us feel we need to get you working.

Everything and everybody around you is inspirational, you will be expected to encompass everything for your research and starting points – your outlook should be global, your aspirations also.

Reflective practice, the art of understanding your ideas and decisions, underpins creative practice. This year is about integrating reflection into your process so it becomes automatic and as necessary as drawing and experimentation.

Queerly Made


Course Textile Design BA (Hons)
Fashion Accessories and Jewellery BA (Hons)
Fashion BA (Hons)
Tutors James Hunting
Claire Whelan
Sam Wingate
Gina Pierce
Marianne Forrest
Where Calcutta House
Studio 2, fifth floor CM5-05
When Tuesday and Friday

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