Studio Int 04: Radiate

Studio brief

Until 2002 the Boiler House worked tirelessly and under intense pressure to pump, push and persuade heat and hot water around the Holloway Campus, occasionally letting off steam from its single imposing tower. Radiating from the very heart of the site this throbbing, clanking, hissing warmth touched everyone.

2020 will see this now decommissioned building brought back to life as a new event space: retaining the sense of industry, of graft, of working under pressure, and creating a centre of dynamic energy and warmth that draws in and radiates out to students, staff and visitors, encouraging and enabling them to show, share and celebrate together.

Studio 04 will challenge our students in a short project to re-imagine the Boiler itself as a creative machine, the sum of more than its parts: an animated, animating mobile object with purpose.

The major project will be to design the Boiler House spaces for a series of conceived events and purposes – connecting out, radiating through corridors, departments and streets.

Image: Boiler House. Photo by Stephen Blunt

Boiler House. Image credit: Stephen Blunt


Course Interior Design BA (Hons) 
Tutors Andrew (Sid) Siddall
Suzanne Smeeth-Poaros
Where Calcutta House
Studio 4, first floor CM1-12
When Tuesday and Friday

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