Studio 3D 06: Blitz

Studio brief

Blitz is about knowing who you are, having a voice, an opinion and unleashing yourself upon the world. Blitz is where you can have your say! Take it by storm, create new trends and open our minds to a new perspective. Your language will be evident in everything that you do. Blitz is loud, colourful, unapologetic and brash, with its own alternative and exquisite beauty. You are the creator, the questioner and the performer. Experiment and be intuitive. Listen to yourself and create your own new world, new rules and new future.

At the end of the day, it's the results that count. How you execute your concept through final design and outcome is of paramount importance. It is about attention to detail; every angle must be covered. Leave no stone unturned.

Take away the radical, innovative and avant-garde, and the question is, do I still have a beautiful design underneath it all? Hard work, perseverance, self-belief and stamina is pivotal in making your position known. Talent and skill is longevity.

We want the best, we have high demands and expect exceptional achievements. We want to see something we have never seen before. It is up to you to deliver, be proud and stand by what you say.

However complex the concept, planning and dedication from beginning to end is essential.

Guys outside the Blitz cabaret club


Course Fashion BA (Hons)
Textile Design BA (Hons)
Tutors Roisin Dunne (Studio Lead)
Steph Aman
Jolanta Cerniauskiene
Theresa Hewlett
Paul Seville
Where Calcutta House
Studio 6, fourth floor
When Tuesday and Friday

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