London Met heroes

At London Met we encourage and support our staff and students to be the very best they can. Our current students, staff and graduates are reformers, game-changers, lifesavers and more; impacting the world of science, pushing creative boundaries and campaigning against social injustices.


  • Imogen Belfield

    Jewellery BA (Hons)

    "I feel very honoured, as my years of training, learning and discovering at The Cass were some of the best, and I am incredibly proud to be a Cass alumni!"

  • Lord Bilimoria, CBE, DL

    Honorary Graduate

    “I was fortunate to have studied Law at Cambridge and then Accountancy at London Metropolitan University, which has always stood out as an institution that gives an outstanding education to people regardless of their background.”

  • Sharon Heidaripour

    Sports Therapy BSc (Hons)

    "I really loved the whole experience. I found the course modules really interesting, the facilities were great and there were lots of opportunities to do work experience."

  • Sadiq Khan

    LLB Law (Hons)

    "Some of my fondest memories, as someone who was born and raised in London, date back to my years as a student at the University of North London, now known as the London Metropolitan University."

  • Quinn Koike

    International Business Management BSc (Hons)

    "The Hatchery has been an invaluable resource for EthicalBox. We were given office space, advice and access to a network of people and businesses that has proven to be vital. Our advisory board is built solely from the networks we have made at Accelerator, where the Hatchery is based."

  • Cristina Leggio

    Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)

    "When handling samples of a deadly virus there is no room for error.”

  • Alexander Mueller

    Furniture and Product Design BA (Hons)

    "London Met also has a great workshop space, a hands-on approach to studying and an amazing history with the London College of Furniture."

  • Sujit Nair

    Master of Business Administration – MBA

    "Studying at London Met provided me with an opportunity to network with the best in the business and learn from talented and experienced individuals."

  • Tunde Okewale

    LLB Law – (Hons)

    "I am most proud of the charity organisation that I created called Urban Lawyers. It provides education to young people about their legal rights and inspiration to law students from non-traditional backgrounds."

  • Professor Chris Palmer

    Research Professor in Cancer Pharmacology

    "I’m working on a translational project attempting to identify antibodies and peptides which bind to and block sodium channels in breast and colon cancer and citrate transporters in prostate cancer."

  • Jesse Quinones

    Creative Writing BA (Hons), Film and Broadcast Production MA

    "I’m proud to be a London Met student because I really admire their egalitarian approach to education. What it provides is an equal platform where anybody can study."

  • Rachel Ward

    Sustainability Manager

    "The new One Campus, One Community project is a great opportunity to improve the sustainability of our estate and I’m working closely with the planners to ensure we consider as many options as possible."

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London Met heroes

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Here at London Met we support our students to be the very best they can. Our students, staff and graduates are reformers, game-changers, lifesavers and more; impacting the world of science, pushing creative boundaries and campaigning against social injustices. Read on to find out more.

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