Our Graduate School

The Graduate School prides itself on being central to the lives of our postgraduate students and academic staff who supervise them.

A home to all of our postgraduate research students, regardless of the subjects they are studying, the Graduate School has a distinguished academic head, Professor Klaus Fischer. Klaus brings together postgraduate research students, academic staff and others across the University to create a lively, stimulating and supportive environment. The Graduate School also has dedicated support staff, who are based in the Research and Postgraduate Office. Working closely with academic schools and other departments within the University, the Graduate School strives to make academic life as a postgraduate research student as smooth as possible.

The Graduate School's role is to:

  • provide guidance to those who are thinking of applying to London Met for a doctoral degree
  • oversee the application process once enquirers have become candidates
  • liaise with applicants, potential supervisors and academic schools
  • organise and arrange the delivery of postgraduate induction sessions in October and January each year
  • organise and timetable the year-long Postgraduate Training Programme
  • support students through the key stages of progression from enrolment to graduation
  • help students with all administrative matters relating to committees, viva examinations etc
  • encourage doctoral students to be fully engaged in our intellectual life, not least through the annual Staff and Postgraduate Conference, a showcase for all of our work
  • publicise opportunities such as funding calls, conferences and postdoctoral positions

"The supervisory team was excellent – they had first-rate knowledge and research expertise, were highly supportive and always willing to help. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at London Met and would recommend studying here for a doctorate."

Dr Deborah Butcher – former student