Research students and alumni

Current postgraduate students

Samson Adjei
Phenomenological Attitudes and Post-digital Possibilities in Architectural Design Processes
Supervisors: Prof Christian Frost, Prof Matthew Barac and Nate Kolbe

Julia Atkins
From the 1860s to 2060s – What is the Future of the Small Victorian Terraced House?
Supervisors: Prof Nick Temple and Dr Jane Clossick

Michael Badu
‘Invisible Voices’ of the Modern Movement: Massimo Cacciari and the Concept of Progressive Practice
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Temple, Prof Matthew Barac
Time Catalysts: Research by Design in Barcelona Loose Ends
Supervisors: Prof Philip Christou, Prof Matthew Barac, the late Prof Florian Beigel
Daria Buhanovska
Destroy Accept Admire: Legacy Attitudes to WW2 Flak Towers in Berlin, Vienna and Hamburg
Supervisors: Prof Matthew Barac, Prof Nicholas Temple
Youjin Cui
The Impact of Good Design of Public Spaces on Mental Well-being in Cities: A Study of Examples in the UK and Europe
Supervisors: Prof Nicholas Temple, Dr Beatrice De Carli
Lines Through the City: Mapping a Bottom-up Urban Imaginary for Freetown, Sierra Leone
Supervisors: Prof Maurice Mitchell, Dr Beatrice De Carli, Dr Bo Tang
Annisa Jabbour 
Dubai in Place and Time: The Role of Cultural Memory in the Recent Architectural History of a Desert City
Supervisors: Prof Matthew Barac and Dr Jane Clossick
The Ionic Column – Structure or Symbol?
Supervisors: Dr Johanna Hallsten, Prof Nicholas Temple
Practice Based Research Exploring the Extent to which City Farms Offer an Ontology of Wellbeing
Supervisors: Prof Matthew Barac and Pierre D’Avoine
The Twentieth Century Renewal of the Catholic Church's Liturgy and the Church Designs of Francis Xavier Velarde
Supervisors: Anne Markey, Prof Christian Frost and Prof Matthew Barac
Maiia Sivtseva 
Civic Engagement on Permafrost. Evaluating Participatory Placemaking as a Tool for Assessing Contextual Issues of Shared Spaces in Yakutia, North-Eastern Siberia.
Supervisors: Prof. Maurice Mitchell and Dr Bo Tang
Mahittichai Supatira
Towards Multicultural London: Urban Spaces of Thai Cosmopolitan Identity
Supervisors: Prof Matthew Barac and Dr Jane Clossick
Digitally drawn plan of coastal city

Image: Paulo Moriera, Plan of Chicala (2018)

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Postgraduate alumni

Postgraduate alumni

Dr Torange Khonsari (2022)
Designing the Cultural Commons
Supervisors: Prof Maurice Mitchell and Prof Matthew Barac

Dr Asif Din (2020)
Accounting for total carbon impacts in buildings: a low carbon rating procedure
Supervisors: Luisa Brotus and Fergus Nicol

Dr Lucy Pritchard (2020)
Bastide City Territory: Landscape Infrastructure Design, Monpazier, France.
Supervisors: Prof Philip Christou, the late Florian Beigel and Prof Matthew Barac

Dr Kirsten Thompson (2019)
Visualising process and placemaking: upgrading shack urbanity in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Supervisors: Prof Matthew Barac, Prof Maurice Mitchell and Prof Peter Carl

Dr Christian Frost (2019)
Architecture, festival and order: the history and persistence in the Florentine Feast of San Giovanni and its significance to the city's civic identity.
Supervisors: Prof Matthew Barac and Nabil Ahmed

Dr Paulo Moreira (2018) (shortlisted for the RIBA President's Award for Research)
'This Neighbourhood is an Endangered Species': Investigating urban conflict and reciprocity between Chicala and Luanda, Angola.
Supervisors: Dr Ines Weizman, Prof Peter Carl and Prof Matthew Barac

Dr Jane Clossick (2016)
The depth structure of a London high street: a study in urban order.
Supervisors: Prof Peter Carl

Dr Peter Chomowicz (2016)
The search for city: between being and seeming in the rapid urbanisation of Doha, Qatar.
Supervisors: Prof Peter Carl

Dr Patrick Lynch (2015)
Practical Poetics: Rhythmic Spatiality and the Communicative Movement Between­ Site, Architecture and Sculpture.
Supervisors: Prof Peter Carl, Helen Mallinson and Joseph Rykwert

Dr Rachel O’Grady (2015)
Collaborative heritage conservation in Tajganj: investigating civic possibilities in the urban order through architectural making.
Supervisors: Prof Maurice Mitchell and Prof Peter Carl

Dr Bo Tang (2014)
Negotiating Shared Spaces in Informal Peri-Urban Settlements in North India: Collaborative Architectural Making as a Catalyst for Civic Empowerment and Social Change.
Supervisors: Prof Maurice Mitchell, Prof Peter Carl and Prof Matthew Barac

Dr Tomaz Pipan (2014)
Capacity of Industry for Civic Culture
Supervisors: Prof Peter Carl

Dr Lucy Bullivant (2014)
From masterplanning to adaptive planning: understanding the contemporary tools and processes for civic urban order.
Supervisors: Prof Peter Carl

Dr Julia King (2013)
Incremental cities: discovering the sweet spot for making town-within-a-city.
Supervisors: Prof Maurice Mitchell and Prof Peter Carl