Gender and Sexual Diversity Research Group

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Research Group, which links strongly to London Met’s unique history as well as its ambitious strategy around equity and social justice. We are proud that our University hosted the first Pride party 50 years ago and are honoured to continue in that strong tradition.

The Gender and Sexual Diversity Research Group is an interdisciplinary and collaborative research hub which applies an intersectional, holistic and inclusive approach to researching and theorising gender and sexual diversity, identities, experiences, expression and inequities.   

This is a unique research group that unites all the different schools under one umbrella with the shared aim of examining the social, psychological, cultural, political, economic, creative, emotional, linguistic, environmental, health, occupational and spiritual aspects of the human experience, as they intersect with individuals’ genders and sexualities.   

 By exploring the role of cisnormativity and heteronormativity in all aspects of life, the cluster places a great emphasis on understanding the experiences of minoritised communities such as trans and non-binary people; lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual people; intersex communities, as well as the effects of these hegemonies on cisgender and straight people.


  • produce high-quality research and practice related to gender and sexual diversity   
  • build and maintain community links with relevant – local, national, and international – organisations and community groups who we can collaborate with on research   
  • combat and dismantle stereotypes which perpetuate all forms of oppression
  • encourage a positive research culture by supporting early career researchers, PhD students, and researchers interested in gender and sexuality
  • share knowledge and best practices in originating, researching and disseminating research on gender and sexual minoritised communities 

Latest news from the Gender and Sexual Diversity Research Group