Piero Toto
Dr Piero Toto is a Senior Lecturer in Translation. He is also a translation technology trainer, localisation lecturer and experienced English into Italian translator. What's more, Dr Toto is a published bilingual poet.
Senior Lecturer in Translation, Piero Toto

Piero Toto

Piero has a PhD in Translation Studies from the University of Bari (Italy). He has written articles on masculinity, queer language and translation pedagogy. Piero has also worked as an associate lecturer for Italian at the Open University and has run translation/localisation workshops across the world

Dr Piero is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL).

Piero runs modules on translation technology (including terminology management, machine translation, AI and translation memories), translation management, website and software localisation. In addition, he also leads sessions on specialised translation and practical Italian translation.
  • Poetry/Poetry translation
  • Translation technology (terminology management, machine translation and post-editing, AI, translation memories, translation quality)
  • Translation pedagogy
  • Queer theory/translation
  • Queer language
  • Queer pedagogy


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Chapters in books

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Book reviews 

On LinguistList

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On JosTrans 

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Translations into Italian 

  • (2009) ‘Tutti amano l’egemonia: la mascolinità nelle sitcom in prima serata’ [original title: ‘Everybody Loves Hegemony: Masculinity in Prime-Time Sitcoms’], written by Janelle Veitch, in Susan Petrilli and David Buchbinder (ed.), Masculinities. Identità maschili e appartenenze culturali, Milan: Mimesis, p. 95-99
  • (2009) ‘Eccitazione, climax sessuale, inibizione sessuale: feticismo erotico, vita stretta e tacchi a spillo’ [original title: 'Sexual Tension, Sexual Climax and Sexual Confinement: Erotic Fetishism, Small Waists and Spiked Heels', written by Sarah-Louise Cook, in Susan Petrilli and David Buchbinder (ed.), Masculinities. Identità maschili e appartenenze culturali, Milan: Mimesis, p. 47-52
  • 2023 – ‘Fit & Moral’ and ‘Power Grid’ by Raymond Antrobus, in Atelierpoesia.it, 15 December 2023
    2023 – Piccola ala [‘Little Wing’] by Dzifa Benson in Laboratori Poesia, 13 December 2023
    2023 – Alle ninnenanne [‘To Lullabies] by Lucy Mercer in Laboratori Poesia, 8 November 2023
    2023 – Ferito resisto [‘Wounded I Stand’] by Dale Booton in Laboratori Poesia, 27 September 2023
    2023 – Il dolore è come un miracolo [‘Grief is like a miracle’] by Helen Calcutt in Laboratori Poesia, 26 July 2023
    2023 – Extracts from lisa luxx’s Fetch Your Mother’s Heart (Out-Spoken Press, 2021) in Atelierpoesia.it, 21 June 2023
    2023 – Settembre [‘September’] by Katrina Naomi in Laboratori Poesia, 28 June 2023
    2023 – Extracts from alice hiller’s bird of winter (Liverpool University Press, 2021) in Atelierpoesia.it, 26 April 2023
    2023 – Tributo di sangue [‘Tribute of Children’] by Kostya Tsolakis in Laboratori Poesia, 5 April 2023
    2023 – Extracts from Charif Shanahan’s Trace Evidence (Tin House, 2023) in Atelierpoesia.it, 29 March 2023
    2023 – Extracts from Golnoosh Nour’s Impure Thoughts (Verve Poetry Press, 2022) in Atelierpoesia.it, 22 February 2023
    2022 – ‘L’amore è un uomo di gomma’, ‘Is My Body Mine’ – self-translations in Laboratori Poesia, 21 December 2022
    2022 – Extracts from André Naffis-Sahely’s High Desert (Bloodaxe Books, 2022), in Atelierpoesia.it, 15 December 2022
    2022 – Extracts from Anthony Anaxagorou’s Heritage Aesthetics (Granta Poetry, 2022), in Atelierpoesia.it, 10 November 2022
    2022 – Extracts from Peter Scalpello’s Limbic (Cypher Press, 2022), in Atelierpoesia.it, 13 October 2022
    2022 – Extracts from Andrew McMillan’s pandemonium (Jonathan Cape, 2021), in Atelierpoesia.it, 20 April 2022

Conference contributions

  • June 2021: speaker at Queen Mary University’s 11th biennial conference of the International Gender and Language Association (IGALA11). Title of presentation: ‘Queering Sexual Health Translation: Some Pedagogical Considerations’
  • March 2020: member of the organising committee, ‘Enhancing Employability in Translator Training’, London Metropolitan University
  • October 2017: speaker at University College London’s Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS). Title of seminar: ‘What Are Words Worth? Reflections on Queer Language, Censorship and Translation’
  • November 2016: speaker at 16th Annual Portsmouth Translation Conference - Translation and Interpreting: Learning Beyond the Comfort Zone, University of Portsmouth
  • July 2014: member of the organising committee, Translation in the Digital Age symposium, London Metropolitan University
  • June 2011: speaker at Tradumática, First International T3L Conference: Tradumática, Translation Technologies and Localization, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain



  • 2019: Staff Award 2019 ‘Best overall satisfaction performance in the NSS’ (£1000), London Metropolitan University
  • 2019: Winner of the London Metropolitan University Students’ Union Award (Outstanding Academic Member of Staff for the Guildhall School of Business and Law)
  • 2018: Nominated for the London Metropolitan University Students’ Union Award (Outstanding Academic Member of Staff)
  • 2016: Staff Excellence Award 2016 (£2000), London Metropolitan University
  • 2014: Higher-Education-Academy-funded (£5000) symposium organised at London Metropolitan University 2012: Nominated for the London Metropolitan University Student-Led Teaching Award (SLTA)
  • 2012: British-Council-funded (£5,000) study on Translation and Language Learning. Participants: London Metropolitan University, SDL and the Russian State University for the Humanities. Aim: to explore opportunities for providing a professional development course for Russian/English translators with a special focus on the implementation of translation software and relevant electronic tools for translators.
Ad hoc Italian consultant for the Chartered Institute of Linguists; until 2021, external examiner at Swansea University (MA Professional Translation, MA Translation and Interpreting, BA Modern Languages, Translation and Interpreting) and University of Westminster (PG MA Translation and Interpreting, MA Specialised Translation).

Piero is a member of London Metropolitan University’s Gender and Sexual Diversity Research Group and of ‘L’Orientale’ University of Naples’ I-LanD (Identity, Language and Diversity) Research Centre. He also sits in the scientific committee of 'Rivista Italiana di Antropologia Applicata' and is an editorial team member of literary portals 'Atelier' and 'Laboratori Poesia', for which he translates contemporary UK poets into Italian.
  • April 2023: Panellist during the Women in Localization event "Making a Living as a Freelance Translator", to discuss translator employability and training
  • April 2023: Invited guest on the Queer Roots and Routes podcast to discuss migrant experiences of sexual language and translation [available on Apple Podcasts]
  • February 2023: Panellist during The Love Tank’s ‘Dirty Duolingo’ event on the politics of sexual language (for queer migrants and queer ethnic minorities)

Dr Piero Toto
Senior Lecturer in Translation