7th Annual Interdisciplinary Health and Wellbeing Research Conference

The 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Health and Wellbeing Research Conference took place at Holloway Campus on the 23th February 2024. Co-organised by the Centre for Primary Health and Social Care and the Centre for Health and Life Science Research (CPH&SC, SSSP) , this day-long conference continued with its mission of sharing knowledge contribution by showcasing new and in-progress research conducted by London Met staff and PhD students and thus operating as a catalyst for future research collaborations. We engaged in lively discussions with a large audience from both Schools, including staff members and undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Conference places interdisciplinarity at the heart of the programme and this is reflected in the areas represented, which this year included: Psychology, Public Health, Digital Media, Education, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Community Health, and Nutrition. Full programme below:


10.00 Welcome: Prof John Lodge (Dir. CH&LSR) and Prof Yolanda Eraso (Dir. CPH&SC)

Session 1

10.15 Liqui-Pellet Technology: The Next Generation Pill.  Dr Matthew Lam (Lecturer in Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery)

10.35 An evaluation of UK national guidance for eating disorders - a reflexive thematic analysis of clinicians' experiences and perceptions. Cliona Brennan (PhD student, Nutrition)

10.55 Community and beyond: food-related research. Dr Hilda Mulrooney (Reader in Nutrition & Health)

Session 2

11.30 The relationship between racial trauma and the student journey in diverse student populations; with focus on Academic Engagement, Well-being, Self-efficacy, and Academic Success. Olaide Phillips (Principal Lecturer and PhD student, Psychology)

11.50 The reach and benefits of a digital intervention to improve physical activity in people with a musculoskeletal condition delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. Dr Justin Webb (Associate Professor of Public Health)

12.10 Spirituality and the Quality of Life of Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability. Dr Precious Sango (Senior Lecturer in Health & Social Care)

Session 3

14.10 New directions for alcohol brief interventions. Prof Duncan Stewart (Senior Professor of Applied Health Research)

14.30 A preliminary RCT looking at the impact of state-mindful self-compassion on sexual function post-breast cancer treatments. Dr Sam Banbury (Reader in Psychology) and Prof Chris Chandler (Professor of Psychology)

14.50 PERMAnently Thrive in Learning: Exploring the intersections between Mental Wellness and Learning Development. Bernard Aidoo (MA, Academic Mentor – Psychology)

Session 4

15.30 Facial rehabilitation for people with Parkinson's disease. Dr Fiona French (Associate Professor – Computing & Digital Media)

15.50 Coma outcomes and frequency of talking interactions. Dr Una Fairbrother (Reader in Molecular Genomics) and Prof Chris Chandler (Professor of Psychology)

16.10 Diabetes Interest Group (DIG). Dr Eirini Meimaridou (Reader in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease)

16.40 Concluding remarks: Dr Cassandra Terry (Dept. Dir. CH&LSR)



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