Centre for Primary Health and Social Care

The Centre for Primary Health and Social Care is committed to applied health research that makes a significant impact on people's lives and wellbeing. We collaborate with a range of partners in the UK and internationally to strengthen the links between evidence, and the policy and practice contexts of healthcare delivery.

We have extensive experience of undertaking research, consultancy and evaluation for local authorities, statutory and non-statutory health agencies in the areas of health promotion interventions, behaviour change programmes and community health initiatives.

The Centre aims to deliver high-quality research and education to inform and support the delivery of health interventions, health policy and practice in the UK and internationally. Our research aims to inform health policy and practice and adopts a multidisciplinary approach. Our team’s areas of expertise include public health, epidemiology, health studies, medical humanities, urban health, participatory research and policy analysis. The studies we conduct focus on health and social care issues in their social, cultural, political and economic contexts, promoting quality of life and wellbeing, and challenging barriers to social exclusion.

Broad themes in our research portfolio include:

  • cancer survivorship
  • ageing and well-being
  • food environment
  • mental health
  • alcohol and other substance use

We welcome applications for full-time or part-time MPhil/PhD research degrees and are happy to discuss research proposals from prospective doctoral students in the health area.

Our research areas

Natasha Choudary

Voluntary sector management, health inequalities, coproduction: participatory research.

Dr Yolanda Eraso

Female cancer, women’s health, global health, medical humanities, qualitative studies.

Dr Alya Khan

Health ethics, bioethics, moral and political philosophy, human rights, critical pedagogy.

Dr Cath Madziva

Vulnerable children, HIV/AIDs, development partnerships, maternal health, qualitative research.

Dr Olive McKeown

Dual diagnosis (mental health and substance misuse), mental health and wellbeing, mindfulness and mental health.

Dr Livingstone Musoro

Urban health, urban health data systems, international migration and healthcare staffing, urban migrant health, globalisation and health.

Professor Duncan Stewart

Addictions, alcohol, multimorbidity, ageing, interventions.

Justin Webb

Behaviour change, intervention development, lifestyles in cancer survivors, mixed methods.

Graham Whitehead

Transcultural practice, employee assistance, counselling and psychotherapy, enabling environments, qualitative approaches.

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