Find out more about the members of the academic community that make the AI and Data Science Research Group. Here you can find their research interests, areas of expertise, PhD supervisions and contact details.

AI generated and inspired artwork 

Photo: AI-generated and inspired artwork 

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Prof. Preeti Patel ( – Co-Director of AI&DS Research Group. Prof. Patel’s current research interests include FAIR and FATE data challenges, synthetic data, big data fusion, the data science curriculum, AI-generative models for Data Science and learning-related issues for database environments and enhancement of student engagement. Prof. Patel is a Principal Fellow of Higher Education Academy (Advance HE). Prof. Patel is currently supervising in the areas of learning technologies and data-centric approaches to gender-based violence. 

Dr Elaheh (Ela) Homayounvala ( – Co-Director of AI&DS Research Group. Dr Homayounvala is Reader and Course Leader of MSc Artificial Intelligence. Ela’s research is inter-disciplinary and is focused on using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and statistical methods. She has special interests in User Modelling and Personalisation (UMAP) in Mental and Physical Health, telemedicine, e-health as well as Education domains. Her current interests include applications of AI and ML in UMAP, personalisation in Remote Health Monitoring systems, automatic learner’s profiling, and personalisation of VLEs, personalisation of interactive recommender systems, personalisation for HCI, user preference modelling, and Personal Assistant Agents. 

Prof. Karim Ouazzane ( – Research interests include: identifying and predicting human behaviour using computer vision; intelligent and continuous bimodal speech recognition for wireless devices; fraud detection frameworking using machine learning and deep learning; video trajectory reconstruction using neural networks; a cyber security framework for protecting SMEs IT infrastructure; an authentication system for e-learning platform; developing a customised intelligent keyboard for disabled people; an intelligent intrusion detection system for shared networks. 

 Prof. Vassil Vassilev ( – Prof. Vassilev is a Professor in AI and Intelligent Systems and his research interests include hybrid intelligence, semantic technologies, intelligent systems, ontological engineering and Big Data. Prof. Vassilev has significant experience in both teaching and research in AI and its applications.  

Associate Prof. Dr Qicheng Yu  ( – Dr Yu’s research interests include: data mining; text mining and big data analysis; data warehousing and business intelligence; AI, cyber security; software agents in distributed systems and e-business and e-commerce systems. 

Emeritus Prof. Hassan Kazemian ( – Research interests include applications of AI and ML techniques to many areas such as: big data research; cyber security research including steganography, cryptography, identity resolution, crowd-sourced data, mobile devices security, cloud security, web server attacks, penetration testing, e-commerce security and policy, GDPR, cryptocurrency, dark net and social graph; membrane protein (bioinformatics research); data mining and data warehousing; applications of AI to robotics; neuro-linguistic programming and natural language processing.