Terms and conditions

1. The making of a referral to the University constitutes acceptance of these provisions by the referrer. No alteration of or addition to these provisions is valid unless in writing and agreed by the University Secretary.

2. Subject to these terms and conditions, the University will make a referral payment of £400 in respect of each referral of an eligible student made by an eligible referrer. This shall be split equally between the eligible student and the eligible referrer.

Eligible applicants

3. The referral must be of an individual, wherever originally domiciled, who becomes a new student to the University. That is, someone who has not already been a student of the University, who has not applied to the University prior to the date of the referral being made, and who has not already been the subject of an introduction or referral to the University.

Eligible referrers

4. The referral must be made by a current student of the University, a full-time or part-time employee of the University (including hourly-paid employees), or a member of the University’s Alumni Association. However any person who, apart from this scheme, is involved in the recruitment of students is not eligible.


5. The following conditions must be met:
5.1. The referee must make the referral by completing the prescribed online form before the eligible applicant applies. The eligible applicant may complete the form on behalf of the referrer with their consent.
5.2. The eligible applicant must not be misled or unduly pressurised into applying to and enrolling at the University.
5.3. The eligible applicant must enrol on an undergraduate programme (excluding professional development or short courses) at RQF Level 3 or 4 and must complete the first semester of their course in full.

6. No referral payment will be made where:
6.1. it is prohibited by law, or
6.2. the University is obliged to pay any other fee by reason of the eligible applicant enrolling, or
6.3. the eligible applicant benefitted from or was entitled to benefit from an existing progression or articulation agreement
6.4. the referral was made in the course of business, or
6.5. there is a conflict of interest

7. Subject to these terms and conditions, a referral payment will be made within six weeks of the start of the eligible applicant’s second semester.

8. The University shall in its absolute discretion decide the method for making the referral payment.

9. A referral payment may be subject to tax and other levies and eligible referrers and eligible applicants who receives a referral payment will declare it for tax purposes where required and pay any tax due. The University may be obliged to deduct tax and other levies from the referral payment.

10. The referrer will inform the eligible applicant of the referral and the referral payment and will obtain the eligible applicant’s express written consent to being contacted by the University. The University will do the same thereafter and seek the applicant’s agreement to the terms of the scheme. If the applicant does not consent and/or does not agree the terms of the scheme, no referral payment will be made.

11. The referrer accepts that the applicant will be informed of the referral, including the identity of the referrer.

12. Where two or more referrals are made in respect of the same applicant, only one referral payment will be made. This shall be made to the first eligible referrer who complies with the terms of the scheme.

13. The University may refuse any application or enrolment and may, in accordance with its regulations, terminate or suspend a student’s registration and nothing shall in this scheme shall affect its ability to do so. In such cases no referral payment will be made.

14. The referrer is not, merely on account of having made a referral, entitled to any information regarding the eligible applicant unless the applicant consents.

15. The University may withdraw the incentive scheme at any time, including retrospectively, without prior notice either generally or in relation to a specific referrer or referral. The University will incur no liability in doing so.

16. This scheme is governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

17. No person has any right under these provisions under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.