Research students and alumni

Current postgraduate students

Won Choi
Beneficial contemporary Korean jewellery: an investigation through creative practice.
Supervisors: Simone ten Hompel and Lewis Jones

Skye Eade
Artmaking and Dyslexia: The Sublime as a Frame for Artistic Creation.
Supervisors: Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso and Dr Johanna Hällsten

Francesca Filatondi
Creative, Interpretative and Performing Dynamics in Artistic Swimming.
Supervisors: Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso, Dr Jane Turner and Prof. Anne Karpf

Elisaveta Gnatchenko 
Jewellery and Sentimental Attachment in the Digital Age: A Comparative Study of Analogue and Technology Enhanced Jewellery
Supervisors: Dr Gabriele Oropallo and Simone Ten Hompel

Alicja Knast
Bowed instruments made in Polish-speaking lands between 1550 and 1750: attribution and historiography in European perspective.
Supervisors: Lewis Jones and Dr Harriet Mckay

Fatemeh Safai-Rad 
Design, pattern, and motif in Persian art: continuity between the Achaemenid Empire (559-330 BCE) and the carpet and related artefacts of the Safavid Era (1501-1722 CE).
Supervisors: Lewis Jones and Dr Harriet Mckay 

Charles Wilson
The English wing spinet in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Supervisors: Lewis Jones and Christina Paine

Pamela White
A Comparative Study of Acknowledgement Processes in Western Fine Art and Theatre/Film Production.
Supervisors: Linden Reilly and Chris Smith

Hayley Mardon
Northumbria University’s (NU) Research Development Fund candidate
Tangled stories, hidden dimensions: A critical analysis of hybridity in southern African jewellery/artefacts through collections at the British Museum and the V&A, using postcolonial concepts and decolonising debates.
Supervisors: Prof. Ysanne Holt (NU) and Prof. Wessie Ling (external)

Dario Onitiu
Northumbria University’s (NU) Research Development Fund candidate
Taking an international human rights approach to privacy focusing on data personalisation and AI in fashion.
Supervisors: Dr Marion Oswald (NU) and Prof. Wessie Ling (external)

Sara Caragnero
Northumbria University’s (NU) Research Development Fund candidate
Assessing sustainability governance in the fashion macro-system and fostering the engagement of small players to drive a system-level change.
Supervisors: Prof. Christopher Newman (NU), Ann Ferguson (NU) and Prof. Wessie Ling (external)

Postgraduate alumni

Our postgraduate alumni include:

Dr Peta Bush (2020)
Therapeutic Jewellery: Designing people-centric devices for wellbeing.
Supervisors: Simone ten Hompel

Dr Terry Comer (2020)
The Emergence of Location Driven Narrative in Post War British Crime Film.
Supervisors: Nick Haeffner, Karen Smith and Mark Collington

Dr Chiara D'Anna (2019)
A journey back home through a mask for the 21st century: the legacy of Commedia dell'Arte in postdramatic theatre with particular focus on the centrality of the actor in devised performance.
Supervisors: Gian Carlo Rossi, Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso and Lucy Richardson

Dr Michael Baldwin (2018)
The harp in early nineteenth-century Britain : innovation, business, and making in Jacob Erat’s manufactory.
Supervisors: Lewis Jones and Christina Paine

Dr Lisa Cerutti (2017)
Visual Grounded Analysis: Developing and Testing a Method for Preliminary Visual Research
Supervisors: Chris Smith and Linden Reilly

Dr Orrapavadee Serewiwattana (2015)
The tin chok textile and weaving tradition of Mae Chaem, Thailand.
Supervisors: Simone ten Hompel and Lewis Jones

Dr Min Sun Kim (2015)
Transformational jewellery: practice-based research on the relationship between transformation and emotional attachment.
Supervisors: Simone ten Hompel and Lewis Jones

Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso (2014)
Making Theatre Elastic: A practice-led PhD on performance research with Elastic Theatre, focusing on the body of work produced between 2005 and 2011
Supervisors: Lucy Richardson

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