Research students and alumni

Current postgraduate students

Won Choi
Beneficial contemporary Korean jewellery: an investigation through creative practice.
Supervisors: Simone ten Hompel and Lewis Jones

Skye Eade
Artmaking and Dyslexia: The Sublime as a Frame for Artistic Creation.
Supervisors: Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso and Dr Johanna Hällsten

Francesca Filatondi
Creative, Interpretative and Performing Dynamics in Artistic Swimming.
Supervisors: Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso, Dr Jane Turner and Prof. Anne Karpf

Elisaveta Gnatchenko 
Jewellery and Sentimental Attachment in the Digital Age: A Comparative Study of Analogue and Technology Enhanced Jewellery
Supervisors: Dr Gabriele Oropallo and Simone Ten Hompel

Alicja Knast
Bowed instruments made in Polish-speaking lands between 1550 and 1750: attribution and historiography in European perspective.
Supervisors: Lewis Jones and Dr Harriet Mckay

Fatemeh Safai-Rad 
Design, pattern, and motif in Persian art: continuity between the Achaemenid Empire (559-330 BCE) and the carpet and related artefacts of the Safavid Era (1501-1722 CE).
Supervisors: Lewis Jones and Dr Harriet Mckay 

Charles Wilson
The English wing spinet in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Supervisors: Lewis Jones and Christina Paine

Pamela White
A Comparative Study of Acknowledgement Processes in Western Fine Art and Theatre/Film Production.
Supervisors: Linden Reilly and Chris Smith

Sara Caragnero
Northumbria University’s (NU) Research Development Fund candidate
Assessing sustainability governance in the fashion macro-system and fostering the engagement of small players to drive a system-level change.
Supervisors: Prof. Christopher Newman (NU), Ann Ferguson (NU) and Prof. Wessie Ling (external)

Postgraduate alumni

Our postgraduate alumni include:


Dr Daria Onitiu (2022)
Northumbria University’s (NU) Research Development Fund candidate
Taking an international human rights approach to privacy focusing on data personalisation and AI in fashion.
Supervisors: Dr Marion Oswald (NU) and Prof. Wessie Ling (external)

Dr Hayley Mardon (2021)
Northumbria University’s (NU) Research Development Fund candidate
Tangled stories, hidden dimensions: A critical analysis of hybridity in southern African jewellery/artefacts through collections at the British Museum and the V&A, using postcolonial concepts and decolonising debates.
Supervisors: Prof. Ysanne Holt (NU) and Prof. Wessie Ling (external)


Dr Peta Bush (2020)
Therapeutic Jewellery: Designing people-centric devices for wellbeing.
Supervisors: Simone ten Hompel

Dr Terry Comer (2020)
The Emergence of Location Driven Narrative in Post War British Crime Film.
Supervisors: Nick Haeffner, Karen Smith and Mark Collington

Dr Chiara D'Anna (2019)
A journey back home through a mask for the 21st century: the legacy of Commedia dell'Arte in postdramatic theatre with particular focus on the centrality of the actor in devised performance.
Supervisors: Gian Carlo Rossi, Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso and Lucy Richardson

The harp in early nineteenth-century Britain: innovation, business, and making in Jacob Erat’s manufactory.
Supervisors: Lewis Jones and Christina Paine

Dr Lisa Cerutti (2017)
Visual Grounded Analysis: Developing and Testing a Method for Preliminary Visual Research
Supervisors: Chris Smith and Linden Reilly

Dr Orrapavadee Serewiwattana (2015)
The tin chok textile and weaving tradition of Mae Chaem, Thailand.
Supervisors: Simone ten Hompel and Lewis Jones

Dr Min Sun Kim (2015)
Transformational jewellery: practice-based research on the relationship between transformation and emotional attachment.
Supervisors: Simone ten Hompel and Lewis Jones

Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso (2014)
Making Theatre Elastic: A practice-led PhD on performance research with Elastic Theatre, focusing on the body of work produced between 2005 and 2011
Supervisors: Lucy Richardson

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