Sociology and psychology

The development of society and the human psyche is a fascinating subject and one you’ll enjoy studying if you’re interested in the complexity of the mind. Better understanding of human behaviour is at the core of our sociology and psychology degrees. You’ll learn all about the complexities of the human brain, the structure of society and how personalities are formed. At London Met you’ll gain all the skills needed for a thriving career in psychology or sociology. These courses will help you discover the genetic, social and developmental factors that can influence the psyche.

There are a number of psychology and sociology-based degrees available to study at London Met. You can pair sociology or psychology with other complementary subjects such as social policy, mental health, criminology and politics. The majority of our psychology degrees are also accredited by professional bodies, such as The British Psychological Society (BPS). An accredited degree adds a substantial amount of authority to your qualification, showing employers the strength of your knowledge and your ability to excel in the role.

Our courses focus on three major strands: supporting your education, research and publication and the application of sociology and psychology to real-world issues. These three strands are interlinked and central to the courses. These subjects are relevant and incredibly useful in helping make a positive difference in society.

There are many brilliant reasons to work in the field of sociology and psychology, as part of this industry you’ll be involved in analysing the deeper parts of the mind, helping you to better understand people and assess their issues. This can lead to a fulfilling role that will benefit a lot of people through expert guidance.

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What our students say

"The lecturers incorporate new research into the courses, they tell you about the new experiments that have been done, new medicines that have been found and they use all of that to try and teach you that psychology is always evolving; it’s all about learning, testing and theorising."
Farah Mehdi

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More about our sociology and psychology courses

Learn from world-class lectures

Our staff have produced internationally recognised research and are actively engaged in their work, spanning multiple disciplines. Topics for their research include developmental psychology, social psychology, addiction, mental health, and cognitive psychology.

The teaching staff for sociology and psychology are interested in a variety of issues such as the study of global change in cities, the impact of environmental change on whole states, changes in welfare systems, local communities and developments in group and individual identities arising from migration. You’ll learn about the many different elements that can shape a person’s experience and world view.

Access amazing facilities

You’ll have access to start-of-the-art IT facilities and a laboratory with specialist physiological software, allowing you to monitor someone’s vital signs which gives a professional and practice-based feel to your learning. The laboratory facilities allow for flexible working, providing support for a wide variety of psychological research and teaching. All Psychology labs are bookable by individual students or student groups.

Pave the way for a successful career

Our psychology undergraduate degrees are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) which will enable you to progress to postgraduate training and achieve Chartered Psychologist status. Many of our graduates have gone on to work as Support Workers at Creative Support, Trainee Mental Health worker at Highgate Mental Health Centre NHS and Sales Negotiator at Reids of Mayfair.

Our students are united in their concern to not only understand an increasingly complex world but also to seek ways in which they can contribute to a better future both for themselves and their children.

There are many different pathways you can enter from gaining a degree in sociology and psychology. Graduates from our sociology courses have secured roles in human resources, prison services, medical research and events management. A sociology degree is also a strong foundation for future postgraduate study in social work, social policy or early years teaching.