Studio Int 02: Action Stations

Studio brief

Studio 2 will firstly explore the notion of Escapism by looking at the future of retail design, its response to both the new generation of immersive and physical spaces that allow the consumer to participate and generate meaningful and expressive spatial experiences. We are challenging the world of consumerism, can these aspirational and theatrical spaces respond to the community as much as the individual? Can they react to change? Can these spaces reach out to the public, initiating innovative exchanges of goods and spatial interaction but with a sense of responsibility?

Through a series of workshops working with retail design practices the studio will explore:

  • Place Making: Investigating non space and how to revive, re- invent and invigorate space
  • Colour impact: How it connects with message, meaning and memory
  • Transient Space: Through a series of models how do we liberate space so that it can respond, perhaps travel and interact?

Following this, the studio will be asked to investigate the desires of those that have been displaced from their homes and community. What do they require from a temporary home? What is home? Could this home have a second purpose, share other space and take on a sense of hybridity?

Often those that have escaped or been displaced have to leave behind not just belongings but memories, pets, routines, friendships, jobs all of which build the notion of home and settlement. The state of temporary and transient is often understood as basic and meeting essential needs. But are we making the situation worse by compounding the level of adversity? Because of climate change and catastrophic accidents, disasters hit Londoners every year, surely it’s time to look at a significant response to this sensitive and enduring situation.

Project: [E]scape: Retail Innovation

Project 2: Nexus: The new transient hybrid home

Light rods for transient community space


Course Interior Design BA (Hons)
Interior Design and Decoration BA (Hons)
Tutor Kaye Newman
Janette Harris
Beata Szwast
Where Calcutta House, Studio 2, first floor CM1-13
When Tuesday and Friday

Year 2

Arian Azemi
Ariane Erlicher
Ashley Case
Awuraama Bruce
Aydan Tahmazo
Billie Mae Ukairo
Catherine Zaluski
Charlotte Ponting
Chopy Ali Jalal
Jessica Golfarini
Jordana Fournillier
Malika El Asry
Ritu Ale
Soraya Mahmoud
Valencia Harris
Yasmin Esteri

Year 3

Agnieszka Sudolska
Aisha Braimoh
Amanda Ginasinghe
Ellie Boggans
India Clements
Kaylah Corbett
Lana Husseini
Laura Grieco
Lina Daniviculaite
Manon Gabet
Mazen Helal
Ratcha Daenbungwa
Rima Mohammed
Silvia Corcuera