Studio Int 05: Aberrant Architecture

Studio brief

‘An Englishman’s home is his castle.’

Taste, class, cultures, age, politics, economics, solvency and amenities are all factors that dictate and affect how we dwell. Our living environments either become highly personalised spaces or depersonalised accommodation. We can place our own identities on where we choose to settle, creating inbuilt personal narratives that become both part and parcel of the exteriors and interiors of our homes. The styles in which we traditionally build have deeply rooted origins that have spanned centuries and seldom changed. Post-war housing estates encouraged single use environments that lacked basic amenities and promoted monocultural and mono-functional domestic conditions. As a studio we want to comment and be critical on future modes of living, leaving behind the banality of mono-function and explore and challenge the traditional models of what happens behind closed doors.  

As our population grows ever larger we fail to supply a demand to house. According to recent census statistics, London needs at least 40,000 new homes every year just to keep up pace, yet less than half that number are being built. As housing prices soar it now becomes increasingly difficult to become a home owner. This year, studio 5 are interested in alternative, near future modes of the domestic and the environments, communities and tensions that shape, influence, change and drive them. As a studio we will respond to these diverse communities past and present that have built and rebuilt their surroundings in their own identities. The studio will research, document and react to the extraordinary, the ordinary and the idiosyncrasies of how we live and break from the traditions of how a home could function, using Canvey Island on the Thames estuary’s rich and diverse history as a test bed for future living prototypes.

Canvey House by Sam Brown


Course Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons)
Interior Design BA (Hons)
Interior Design and Decoration BA (Hons)
Tutors Kevin Haley
Sam Brown
Where Calcutta House, Studio 5, 1st Floor CM1-45
When Tuesday and Friday

Year 2

Agata Kaczorowska
Andeigh Mcdougall
Anika Khan
Anna Blom
Geovick Dissona
Kamilia Ruseva
Michael  Dryja
Varshalakshmi Venkatachalam
Willian Turner
Yuan Niu

Year 3

Aleandra Kondor-Krupanski
Aminah Sivera
Catherine Hooper
Dina Wahby
Grace Cross
Ida Faal
Joseane Porfiro Da Souza
Joycelyn Cobbold
Mattia Treccani
Nascilla Murray
Oriane Monteux
Paticia Lindo
Rebecca Reddin
Rosalina Gadyuchkova
Serena Previti
Tahirah Wellington