Studio Int 04: 24hr Transform-Atrium

Studio brief

Studio 4 has a dual focus on 24hour Transformations and Atrium spaces:

The first is a challenge - to conceive and deliver on changing the visual and sensory feel of a space within a limited, 24hour timescale. These changes are Temporary Transformations - for a live event / celebration / party / club night. They will call for speed, efficiency, materials understanding and dynamic visual acuity – we will be changing the look, feel and use of spaces within tightly fixed parameters.

The second challenge is to work within Atrium spaces – where a glass roof has been either designed in or added at a later point. Atrium spaces allow the outside to affect the inside – weather and light have a continuous evolving effect on the internal atmosphere of a glass roofed space. We will be exploring how light, temperature, colour and texture can manipulate the senses of visitors.

At certain points through the year we will bring both strands together – to Transform an Atrium space in 24hours. 

Studio lead Andrew (Sid) Siddall is a professional maker and designer working on outdoor theatre, live installations and interactive events in unusual spaces. His 30year career has taken him to projects across the globe, working within tight deadlines and even tighter budgets. The studio will demand energy, creativity and commitment – and a hands-on approach every step of the way. Studio support Suzanne Smeeth-Poaros, is a professional interior designer and educator and has run several Interior studios in The Cass in previous years working with the temporary, transient, interventions into unexpected spaces and engaging communities within the city - Street Play and Community Exchange.

Atrium, Brooklyn.


Course Interior Design BA (Hons)
Interior Design and Decoration BA (Hons)
Tutor Andrew (Sid) Siddall (Email)
Suzanne Smeeth-Poaros
Where Calcutta House, Studio 4, first floor CM1-12
When Tuesday and Friday

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