Moon Jam

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The Moon Jam was an exploratory design workshop that considered how we might enhance the welfare of nocturnal species, with the support of technology. Animals that are active in the dark can sometimes be overlooked by humans, simply because we do not perceive them or we are not being active ourselves. During the event, participants collaborated to address a series of workshop-themed briefs provided by animal experts from zoos and conservation organisations, with the aim of designing technology-enhanced solutions to the challenges expressed. Simultaneously, we considered ways of using technology to share insights about nocturnal species with interested humans, such as zoo visitors, researchers and animal stewards.

This was an opportunity for those with an interest in designing for unseen animals that offered them enriching experiences in managed environments and supported them to thrive in the wild. The workshop facilitated collaborative and cross-disciplinary practice, offering everyone an exciting opportunity for creative development. We welcomed participants from a wide range of backgrounds, including but not limited to animal welfare and care, game design, computer science, engineering, landscaping, education, human-computer interaction (HCI) and animal-computer interaction (ACI), animal behaviour and cognition, environmental enrichment, urban planning and architecture.

An image of bats, moths, hedgehogs, a fox, a fish, an owl, a turtle & in the centre, a full moon.

Image: A screenshot from the Moon Jam website shows nocturnal animals at night.


Dr Fiona French


Date/time Tuesday 4 December 2023,  9am-5pm EST
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In-person at North Carolina State University, USA

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