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Offering environmental enrichment to zoo-housed animals is now standard practice in many zoos, as it is known to enhance welfare by facilitating the expression of natural behaviour. However, in regard to the provision of enrichment and consequent evaluation of its efficacy, some animals seem better served than others. This workshop focused on reptiles and explored what kinds of enrichment are appropriate for meeting key behavioural goals. Bringing together knowledge and skills from the animal expert, computer science and interaction design communities, we hope to co-create some novel experiences for these animals, using technology as an enabler.

We invited participants from a wide range of backgrounds, including but not limited to animal welfare, herpetology, game design, computer science, engineering, education, HCI and ACI, animal behaviour and environmental enrichment. This was an opportunity for those with an interest in designing experiences for captive reptiles to share ideas and explore the potential of using technology to enhance reptilian environmental enrichment opportunities. The workshop facilitated collaborative and cross-disciplinary practice, offering everyone an exciting opportunity for creative development.

During the workshop, we discussed enrichment goals provided by domain experts and explored ideas in small teams. As the day progressed, participants were encouraged to move between teams and focus on one species for a focused concept development session. Ideas were presented and shared with the wider community.

Access the associated paper.

Find out more about the Workshop at the Animal-Computer Interaction Conference 2021.

Screenshot from the website for Reptile Jam workshop

Image: Screenshot from website for Reptile Jam workshop.


Dr Fiona French


Date/time Monday, 8 November 2021, 9am-5pm EST
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Location Online, hosted by Indiana University Bloomsburg

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