Tablet Communication Board Use in Parrots, Rats, Squirrels and Dogs

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Tablet technology advancement over the past decade has afforded animals the opportunity to utilize these tools. Uses for tablet apps with animals include games as well as – more essentially - communication opportunities through the use of communication boards.

Choice and enrichment are integral components in animal welfare practices. Research demonstrates that enhancing the degree of control an animal has over its environment can lead to beneficial effects on behavior. Communication board use can improve animal welfare and research across various species have also demonstrated the animals’ capabilities to interact with tablet apps to request things that they want. In this session we explore the CommBoard app as it is used with animals to effectuate communication.

Jennifer Cunha is a researcher with Northeastern University, an animal cognition trainer, and co-founder of Parrot Kindergarten, Inc., a learning enrichment and concept training program for avian caregivers. She is interested in research related to avian concept training and cognition in the field of symbolic representation and communication. She works on projects related to technology-mediated interspecies communication and the symbolic processes related to human language word/symbol as they can be explored in animals.

Jen Cunha is showing some letters of the alphabet to her cockatoo
Image: Jen Cunha is showing some letters of the alphabet to her cockatoo. Photo credit: Jen Cunha




Date/time Thursday 1 December 2022, 1:00pm
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Location In-person and online in Tower Building

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