Wildness Matters

Three Cass staff from different disciplines present on the shared topic of ‘Wildness’.

Dr Jacek Scarso (Theatre and Performance): explores the concept of “staging nature”, the act of displaying natural materials such as plants in controlled environments, such as exhibition spaces.

Siân Moxon (Architecture): 'Rewild My Street' won the Imagine London as a National Park City international competition. It addresses the question ‘How should a typical existing London residential street be adapted to improve biodiversity and provide a model for wider redevelopment of the capital?’

Kaye Newman (Interiors): Pebbles, geography and the architectural interior. The common thread throughout Kaye’s design career has been themes surrounding connection: the integrity of each thing, but improve the continuity of flow and movement between them.

Cass Research Seminar

The Cass Research Seminar is a forum for researchers and designers to test their ideas amongst peers, to present working papers alongside other researchers examining similar themes, to seek cross-fertilisation of ideas and provoke discussion. Some of the sessions are two presentations (each 15 mins), plus chaired discussion, others are Pecha Kucha style. They're always interesting.

We had a productive year in 2017/18 - you can see all the topics we covered and there will soon be videos up there too. Everyone who's presented before has found the session deepened their work and added unexpected avenues to their thinking.

All are welcome at Cass Research Seminars, both from inside and outside The Cass. For more information email j.clossick@londonmet.ac.uk and follow us on Twitter for the latest information @CassResearch

Image: Rewil My Street campaing

 Rewild My Street campaign, The Cass Research, LDN National Park City


Date/time Thursday 8 November 2018, 6.30-8.00pm
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Location London Metropolitan University
GSG-15A, Goulston Street
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