Open Field: Lucienne Cole

The fourth residency announced in new fine art residency programme at The Cass.

Lucienne Cole

4 February to 6 March 2017

Introductory talk: Thursday 9 February, 2 to 4pm, room CE116
Closing event: Thursday 2 March, 4 to 8pm, with a short performance at 6.45pm, room CE2-01

Brief synopsis
Working title: The Showroom of Frustration / An Ounce of Flounce

In the words of Bauhauser Oskar Schlemmer, Lucienne will be treating the residency at The Cass as "a space for opportunities", recognising the importance of play in the working process.

Music, dancing and drawing are pivotal components of her everyday life and practice.

Lucienne will be putting on motivational disco sessions and a drawing workshop for staff and students in a bid to free the mind and possibly looking for potential performers to work with.

Drawing to music, dancing to music, making the drawings dance. She will be working towards a performative outcome on this basis, creating printed fabrics and costumes, utilising repetitive pattern and exploring how it moves with sculptural choreographies and ideas of display.


Lucienne Cole was born in London in 1970. She studied Fine Art BA (Hons) at Liverpool John Moores University and graduated from Fine Art MA at Chelsea School of Art in 2004. She lives and works in London and has an ongoing love affair with the city of Berlin.

About my practice

"The core of my practice is performance; exploring the extent to which popular culture forms and informs the contemporary psyche. Encompassing video, photography, drawing, collage, writing, music, and DJing, my work reflects and highlights the slippages between fantasy and reality in everyday life.

"Through my interest and love of music, dance, film, theatre and design, I create a hybrid of high and low culture, often accessing a situation through music and dance as a collective association, where everyone can meet on the same plane, combining nostalgia and familiarity with a do-it-yourself attitude and aesthetic. In line with Brian Eno’s definition of pop: 'Pop is about creating new and imaginary worlds and inviting people to join them', my performance work in particular explores art as a form of entertainment and celebration, often engaging people in public spaces where a group or a community become the process of the work and allowing my practice to operate in a multiple of contexts.

"More recently I have returned to drawing as an almost everyday activity. The associative links I find between things fascinate me: through the objects I collect and assemble; drawings, which develop into print ideas; photographs, which become paired together; drawings from photographs; photographs of objects etc - relationships develop between all these elements."

Lucienne will be working with The Cass Fine Art students on this project – please contact Ben Cain ( for further details.

Image: Untitled by Lucienne Cole

Lucienne Cole's artwork Untitled

News details

Dates 4 February to 6 March 2017
Introductory talk Thursday 9 February, 2 to 4pm
Room CE1-16
Closing event Thursday 2 March, 4 to 8pm
Open Field Studio CE2-01
Location The Cass, second floor, Central House