One Campus, One Community

One Campus, One Community (OCOC) is our project to invest £125 million into creating a single, unified university campus here in Islington. The project will bring a host of changes including the refurbishment of our current buildings and the creation of new ones, an investment in technology and resources to increase our ability to teach and create a better sense of community for our diverse students, and a new curriculum to ensure we're only offering high quality courses with excellent outcomes for students.

The key driver for this decision was student feedback. A survey with the Students’ Union in 2015 found that 65% of students, interviewed across all three campuses, said they’d prefer to study on one campus.

The OCOC programme was designed and established in November 2015 following the Board of Governors' approval on 9 October 2015. From 2018 we will start to move all teaching to Holloway with the aim of creating one campus, one community, bringing all of our schools together on one site for the first time in our 170-year history, enabling greater collaboration and an enhanced student experience.


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