Professor Lynn Dobbs’s remuneration

London Met is committed to transparency and feels it is important for everyone in our community to know how much we pay our Vice-Chancellor. In addition to this page, a breakdown of payments to our Vice-Chancellor is published annually in our financial statements.

Professor Lynn Dobbs will be paid a salary of £262,135 for the 2022–23 academic year. In addition, Lynn is part of the Teachers' Pension Scheme and will receive the standard employer contributions. Lynn has no performance-related pay or bonus schemes included in her contract.

Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration summary


£262,135 as at 1 November 2022

Salary review

Annual review by the University's Remuneration Committee


Member of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) where the University makes the standard employer’s contribution – currently 23.68%

Bonus or incentive package


Private Healthcare






Other benefits


Start date

8 October 2018

Our Vice-Chancellor’s gross salary of £262,135 per annum is 6.8 times the median gross salary for all University staff. This is below the maximum value of 10:1 sought by our joint trade unions - see Higher Education Joint Union’s Claim 2021/22.

The Vice-Chancellor is also a member of the Teacher's Pension Scheme and as such benefits from the normal employer's contributions into that scheme.

How our Vice-Chancellor’s pay is decided

The value of the Vice-Chancellor’s salary package is determined by the People and Remuneration Committee, which comprises up to five external members of the University's governing body and includes our Board’s Chair, Tijs Broeke.

The Vice-Chancellor does not sit on the People and Remuneration Committee and does not take part in decisions about their salary.

When the People and Remuneration Committee reviews the Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration package each year, it does so in consideration of the performance of the University and the Vice Chancellor, our gender pay gaps, executive pay ratio, and sector pay benchmarking that is provided by the Human Resources Director.

Vice-Chancellor's expenses

Professor Lynn Dobbs, Vice-Chancellor of London Metropolitan University, voluntarily publishes her work expenses on an annual basis.