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Student HUB 2

Student HUB

Access advice from your school office

Our school offices can help students access advice and guidance from staff.

Our school offices are the first place you should go with any questions or queries you may have about your studies or time at University.

They will ensure you receive help tailored to you and they’re also a great place to get advice on our many services for students – from finance to careers.

We have six school offices for each of our schools:

  • School Office: Art, Architecture and Design
  • School Office: Computing and Digital Media
  • School Office: Guildhall School of Business and Law
  • School Office: Human Sciences
  • School Office: Social Professions
  • School Office: Social Sciences

School offices will help you with the following:

  • enrolment queries
  • academic queries
  • student loans and fees
  • appointments with specialist teams
  • module registration
  • ID cards
  • coursework submission, examination and assessment queries
  • University regulations
  • module choice and timetable queries
  • attendance
  • credit advice
  • certificates, transcripts and letters
  • advice on transferring to an alternate course

If you are an international student, you might find our international section useful too.

Advice on most of these services is also available online via the Student Zone section of our website.

Extra help and support

As well as general academic queries from our school offices, our Student Services team can help London Met students who might need extra support or information in other areas.

Whether you need advice on a disability matter or think you might need counselling for example, you can check out our Student Zone pages or book an appointment with one of our specialist support teams. We'll do our best to help and advise you or put you in touch with the right specialist services.