London Met launches new Gender and Sexual Diversity Research Group

The new research group was announced at an informal gathering in the Rainbow Room on 16 November 2023.

Date: 30 November 2023

The Gender and Sexual Diversity Research Group (GDSRG) is an interdisciplinary and collaborative research hub within the Global Diversities and Inequalities Research Centre that applies an intersectional, holistic, and inclusive approach to researching and theorising gender and sexual diversity, identities, experiences, expression, and inequities.    

Member of the steering committee, Dr Sebastian Cordoba, said: “The GSDRG links strongly to London Met’s unique history and ambitious equity and social justice strategy. We are proud that our University hosted the first Pride party 50 years ago and are honoured to continue that strong tradition.

This is a unique research group that unites all the different schools under one umbrella with the shared aim of examining the social, psychological, cultural, political, economic, creative, emotional, linguistic, environmental, health, occupational and spiritual aspects of the human experience, as they intersect with individuals’ genders and sexualities.   

During the event, the steering committee (Dr Sebastian Cordoba, Assoc Prof Wendy Sloane, James Hunting, and Prof Andrew Moran) introduced the aims and goals of the research group: To produce high-quality research and practice related to gender and sexual diversity; to build and maintain community links with relevant – local, national, and international – organisations and community groups whom we can collaborate with on research; to combat and dismantle stereotypes which perpetuate all forms of oppression; to encourage a positive research culture by supporting early career researchers, PhD students, and researchers interested in gender and sexuality; and to share knowledge and best practices in originating, researching and disseminating research on gender and sexual minoritised communities.  

The Rainbow Room also heard from the Global Diversities and Inequalities Research Centre’s Deputy Director, Professor María López, who introduced the Centre’s mission and stressed the Centre’s support in developing and growing the GDSRG, as well as from all 16 attendees and members who shared about their research interests, plans, and ongoing projects. The event ended with a networking session where new research ideas were discussed.  

“It was wonderful to see the range and richness of the research already underway within the University across multiple Schools and to explore the opportunities for fresh projects and collaborations. Hearing from recently appointed colleagues who bring fascinating research interests and outputs to the Group was inspiring. Thanks to Sebastian, Wendy, James and Andrew for this brilliant initiative,” said Brian Tutt, Head of Student Experience and Academic Outcomes for the School of Social Sciences and Professions and co-lead of the LGBTQ+ Staff Network.  

Informal launch of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Research Group at the Rainbow Room

To learn more about the GSDRG or to join, please visit the Research Group landing page or email Dr Sebastian Cordoba (