London Met scores highly in latest National Student Survey

The high quality of London Met's teaching, student community and student voice was showcased in the 2022 NSS.

Date: 6 July 2022

London Met has scored highly in the 2022 National Student Survey (NSS), improving on its already impressive scores for the third year running. The University achieved an overall satisfaction rate of 82%, with a student response rate of 84%.

Across the sector, the average satisfaction rate was 76%, putting London Met significantly ahead.

The NSS is a high profile annual survey of nearly half a million students across the UK. The survey gathers opinions from students about their time in higher education and helps universities to improve the student experience.

London Met’s continued upward growth in the NSS recognises the improvements the University has made and the high quality of learning and teaching on offer.

The NSS results show London Met to be sector-leading in teaching, with 84% of students satisfied with the teaching on their course, and 88% agreeing that staff are good at explaining things.

Student community and student voice were also shown to be strong at the University, with 72% saying they felt part of a community of staff and students compared to a sector average of 61%; while 73% agreed that it is clear how student feedback is acted on, against a sector average of just 52%.

In addition, the Students’ Union saw the second-highest scores in London, with a 65% satisfaction rate - this represents a 5% increase on last year, and 12% above the sector average score.

A number of courses also saw significant success, seeing over 90% satisfaction. These were: Digital Forensics and Cyber Security, Banking and Finance, and International Business Management courses (100%); Airport, Airline and Aviation Management (97%); Theatre and Performance and Interior Design (95%); Primary Education (94%); Fashion (93%); Chemistry (92%); Law, Business Management and Marketing, Psychology, and the subject area of Pharmacology (91%).

A further 14 courses saw between 80 and 90% student satisfaction.

Professor Lynn Dobbs, Vice Chancellor of the University said, "The NSS is important because it reflects students’ own experiences and gives them the opportunity to make their voices heard.

"We work hard to offer our students a positive experience every day, and we are delighted that our students have expressed such high levels of satisfaction in their teaching, and in the university as a whole.

"These excellent scores are the result of the dedication and commitment of all of our staff. I would like to thank them all for their work, which is making a real difference for our students."

London Met courses with above 90% overall satisfaction:

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