Bollywood lecture for new research centre launch

The Centre for Research into Media, Identity and Culture to open at London Met

The School of Media, Culture and Communications is pleased to announce the launch of the  (MIC).

The MIC will be officially opened at a special event in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities on 25 March 2014. 

A welcome from John Gabriel will be followed a presentation by Sunny Singh, entitled 'Rethinking Bollywood and Global Stardom'. The event will end with a reception, accompanied by Bollywood film clips.

'Rethinking Bollywood and Global Stardom' challenges the dominant ways in which film studies have analysed Bollywood - the 'West as Theory, East as Object' formulation. Instead, it examines the narrative and aesthetic roots of Indian cinema in its cultural and historical context, rather than in relation to Hollywood, as it is so often seen. Using the case study of  Amitabh Bachchan, perhaps the most popular and influential Bollywood actor, it suggests fresh and culturally sensitive ways of understanding global film stardom.

Advance registration is necessary. Please reserve your seat on Eventbrite

A programme of further MiC events is planned this year. Please contact Jenny Harding and/or Anne Karpf if you have any suggestions or programme ideas.

The full details about the launch event can be found here.

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