UG Architecture Studio 03: SCHOOL OF EVERYDAY PRACTICE - Pedagogy of Play

Studio brief

The village of Belmonte, Calabro is a depopulated rural village located in Southern Italy, and it has become the focal point of a unique collaborative learning and research programme called ‘Crossing Cultures’. The primary objective of the research programme has been to devise effective strategies for revitalising the area of Belmonte through facilitating creative exchange between students, international practitioners, and locals.

“To the art of working well, a civilized race would add the art of playing well.” George Santayana

This year's PROJECT will look at how PLAY can form a dialogue with our environment through action. During the first four weeks in London, we will explore the extent of a game, at three scales, room, neighbourhood, and city. The games’ strategies, figures and environments will scale up metaphorically to offer insights into the way we organise our cities, their materiality and underlying governance. Over the year we will reflect on play in relation to non-hierarchical learning strategies and who how and what they include. We will relocate the methodology learnt in London to the village of Belmonte, exploring how industry innovations might animate the ‘SCHOOL OF EVERYDAY PRACTICE’.

La Rivoluzione delle Seppie (Collaboration for Public Action),

Orizzontale (a collective architecture practice in Rome)

School of Commons, Zurich

Ambience Architecture Urbanities

The School and Society: The Child and the Curriculum, John Dewey

The Practice of Everyday Life, Michel Certeau

collage of maps and photos of people pushing a wooden object


Tutors Jane McAllister
Alex Sommerville


Goulston Street
When Tuesday and Friday


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