UG Architecture Studio 05: Home?

Studio brief

Much of architecture is experienced from the outside.The design of the exterior of a building is a public matter and tells the story of the city or landscape it sits in. In contrast the architecture of the interior and how it could be inhabited is a more intimate and personal design affair. The feeling of home, as the place where we live our lives, is deeply routed in our sense of who we are and what dreams we have for our future.

In our times, the way an interior is arranged for most people, is usually a matter of efficiency, density and economy. Flat pack furniture combined with spaces designed to minimum space standards is typical. The pleasure of a generously sized, well proportioned interior, capable of absorbing ambient environmental conditions in order to convert them into comfortable settings for domestic life, is considered a luxury. Our project this year asks you to imagine and design such a place.

At the start of the year we will focus on studying examples of simply build homes, whose interiors can accommodate a multitude of different types of inhabitation and make the most of their natural setting. In the first term we will study the domestic architecture of two architectural practices from the south and north of Europe to draw inspiration. For our field trip we will visit a range of domestic interiors in London and then each student will design a small house. In the second term the house will be enlarged to fit the needs of a greater number of inhabitants and range of activities.

Our teaching is event and activity based and we will be running frequent day long workshops focusing in fundamental drawing skills in the first semester and more complex two and three dimensional representations in the second.

View out from the 18th storey of a high-rise building.

Theo Thysiades
Chris Smith
Spyros Kaprinis

Where Goulston Street
When Friday

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