UG Architecture Studio 04: The New Tenement

Studio brief 

Record numbers of people are currently living in temporary accommodation in the city of Glasgow, including nearly 3000 children. To tackle this, the City Council has launched an investment programme to increase social housing supply over the next five years.

The tenement is a four to six-storey sandstone residential building type that is both typical in Glasgow and typically Glaswegian. The arrangement of flats around a ‘close’ promotes a sense of community while organising the boundaries between private and public in a straightforward way. We will look at the specific spatial aspects that make this typology unique.

This is a critical moment in the development of the city – what is built now will characterise the Glasgow of the future and shape the lives of the people living there. Studio 4 will be working on infill-sites in Glasgow, developing a new tenement typology based on our own research into how the city works today – and as a critique of the cookie-cutter commercial housing seen across the UK.

Structure of the Year

Initially we will work together on a set of drawings and physical models that precisely describe tenement case studies. This period will equip you with skills and confidence to start your own design project.

Study Trip

We will travel to Glasgow, dividing our time between studying the way housing defines parts of the city, and working directly on the sites for the year.

Main Project

We learn fastest when there is a balance between challenge and support – your main project will be ambitious within clearly defined parameters.

You will design a new housing typology – informed by the tenement – on a site in Glasgow.

We will move fluidly between the scales of the block, flat and room, developing designs and testing your proposals through group discussions.

Physical models will be used to develop the spatial and material qualities of the proposals encouraging you to think about the relationship between the constructional language and expression of the building.

We will organise workshops to develop your understanding of housing architecture, construction and develop key skills, such as technical drawing, image making and modelling.

Top of red sandstone tenement buildings in Glasgow showing the bay windows and turrets.



Fran Balaam
Ingrid Petit

Where Goulston Street
When Tuesday and Friday

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