London Met and Mobilise awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnership

The University is pairing with innovative caregiving organisation Mobilise, using cutting-edge technology such as AI to improve support options for carers.

Date: 6 December 2023

Building on London Met’s past success with delivering KTPs with an emphasis on utilising technology to deliver social impact, the latest project to be awarded funding by Innovate UK is with Mobilise and the School of Computing and Digital Media. 

The partnership aims to develop an innovative, artificial intelligence-based tool that provides personalised, anticipatory support to unpaid carers, enhancing their preparedness, resilience, and overall caregiving experience. 

Led by Senior Professor Karim Ouazzane and supported by Dr Elaheh Homayounvala, this ground-breaking project will place Mobilise at the forefront of a new era in caregiver support.  

Karim said ''This AI-based project is in line with the University Knowledge Exchange and Business Engagement strategic plan; it will forge collaboration with businesses, create commercial capabilities with significant economic and societal impact, help fostering the entrepreneurial skills which is crucial for our students and graduates' employability'' 

Scope of the project 

Joe Legate, Director of Marketing and Product at Mobilise, praised the transformative nature of the project. “Our vision is to change the landscape of caregiver support in the UK through the innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI). We aim to build a personalised AI tool that anticipates the needs of carers, based on specific circumstances of their caregiving journey, and provides them with personalised, anticipatory advice and resources.” 

The project is particularly innovative because of its anticipatory, personalised approach to caregiver support provided through the personalised AI tool. Key objectives for the project include:  

  • creating a mechanism to capture diverse carer situations and condition stages  
  • developing an AI system that can analyse this data and predict future needs 
  • delivering personalised support content in an accessible, user-friendly format  

Traditionally, caregiving support is reactive and generalised, leaving many carers underprepared for the challenges they face. Carers often face social isolation, financial pressure, lack of support themselves, and unclear signposting/guidance on how to access support for the person. The new AI tool is designed to provide carers with timely, tailored information and advice, enhancing their preparedness and resilience, and potentially serving as a therapeutic intervention. 

Empowering partnerships 

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships aim to help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology, and skills within the UK knowledge base. They are 3-way collaborations between a business, a skilled graduate (known as a KTP Associate) and a university (known as the Knowledge Base) to deliver a strategic, transformational innovation project in a business. 

Chris Lane, Dean of the School of Computing and Digital Media said “I am delighted that London Met and Mobilise have been awarded this Knowledge Transfer Partnership. It is a great opportunity to bring together an innovative business with an academic team that are at the forefront of the latest research in computer science and applied computing.” 

Knowledge Transfer Partnership