Intelligent Systems Research Centre contribute to international AI event

Two academics from London Met have organised a special session at the conference in Glasgow.

Date: 31 March 2020

Professor Hassan Kazemin and Dr Mohammad Hossein Amirhosseini, from the Intelligent Systems Research Centre at London Met, have organised a special session on Machine Learning Applications in Cyber Security at the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, one of the main three conferences in the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence.

The event, taking place 19-24 July 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland, is one of the biggest in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The two academics have received a lot of interest from researchers on the topics covered in their session, having received 17 submitted papers.

Dr Mohammad Hossein Amirhosseini said: "Reliance on the Internet has made us vulnerable to new types of security threats. Cybercrimes are now a serious problem and people are more concerned about their personal or business data. As a result, this special session has been organised to obtain an insight into the current state of the practice of machine learning applications in addressing challenges faced in cyber security."


The Scottish Event Campus where the event is taking place.