SCREENED LIVE: Jones Neville - Part of The Architecture Foundation 100 Day Studio

A screened live lecture by Simon Jones.

Jones Neville is the London-based design partnership of Simon Jones and Jack Neville formed in 2020 after 10 years working together as Simon Jones Studio. They work across a variety of scale and scope, including furniture, product, architecture and exhibition design. With Simon’s background as an architect and Jack’s training in furniture design, they combine an architectural sensibility with a hands-on understanding of detail and fabrication.

Their workshop is central to what they do and how they do it, and they make the majority of what they design themselves. Prototyping and testing as they design, they develop solutions and details in the process of making which might otherwise remain undiscovered. As a result, their work has a intelligent, quiet refinement and is almost always led by materials. It is modest and unconcerned with trends or publicity, but maintains a consistent attitude and approach, often incorporating quirks that arise from practical decision making and the efficiency required for self-production.

Jack studied furniture and product at Kingston University, graduating in 2009, and has previously worked for Michael Marriott. Simon studied at Newcastle University and North London University in the unit of Florian Beigal and Philip Christou. He has been a registered architect since 2003 and worked as a project architect with 6a architects and Tony Fretton Architects for 9 years prior to establishing his own studio. He taught at London Metropolitan University and Kingston University as a studio and unit tutor for 3 years.

The lecture by Simon Jones is the sixteenth of the ‘Form-Givers’ Lecture Series at The Cass, organised by senior lecturer James Payne. The Lecture is to be screened live as part of the Architecture Foundation’s 100 day studio, a recording will be available after the lecture online.

Image: Douglas Fir 5 Ply Table by Jones Neville

A table commission by Frieze for a new meeting room table


Date/times Friday 1 May 2020, 7pm to 8pm
Screened live 100 Day Studio
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