Architecture Sans Frontieres UK and The Decorators

A talk by Matthew Barac and Xavi Llarch Font, as part of the Who Cares? Talks.

In the next talk of the Who Cares? series, we will look at two very different approaches to delivering community building interventions in areas undergoing social and physical change.

Our course leader Matthew Barac will talk to us about his experience in setting up and working with Architecture Sans Frontieres (ASF) UK for seven years. He will present alongside Alex Frediani, who will tell us more about how the organisation has changed and the projects that ASF are pursuing at the moment, working with marginalised communities around the world.

Xavi Llarch Font will present on behalf of The Decorators, a multidisciplinary design practice that uses architecture as a means to initiate a conversation with local people in areas undergoing regeneration. Their projects seek to unveil and celebrate the unique qualities of a place in order to inspire a process of change that retains local culture.


ASF and The Decorators

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Date/Time Monday 23 January, 6.30pm
Location CE4-10, 4th floor, Central House
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