Ed Dale-Harris and Mara Weiss

A talk by Ed Dale-Harris and Mara Weiss, as part of the Who Cares? Talks.

For the second talk of the series, we'll be hearing from Ed Dale-Harris and Mara Weiss about their experiences with "making" as an architectural process through which to connect to a community - not just an end product!

Ed Dale-Harris has recently completed building a primary school in Sierra Leone with the team from his collective SAWA. He is the youngest Part 2 to be awarded the RIBAJ Rising Star 2016.

Mara Weiss is a member of Public Works, whose projects re-work the city’s opportunities towards citizen driven development and nurturing their rights over the city.

Ed Dale-Harris and Mara Weiss

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Date/Time Monday 28 November, 6.30pm
Location CE4-10, 4th floor, Central House
Facebook Who Cares? The Cass Explores Humanitarianism