Who Cares? talks

The Who Cares? talks are returning this year, tackling questions on the topic of humanitarian design both abroad and closer to home. The platform aims to bring together architecture students, architects and various organisations to talk about self-initiated architectural projects in marginalised communities in both developed and developing countries.

We have an exciting list of speakers this year, including Mara Weiss from Public Works, Anna Webster from Orkid Studio, Julia King (who worked on the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2016), Hadrian Garrard from Create London and Katherine McNeil from Architecture for Humanity. Look out for informaton on fliers and posters around the school and join our Facebook group for the latest updates.

Professor Maurice Mitchell, Unit 6 tutor Monday 21 November, 6.30pm
Ed Dale-Harris, Socially Active Worskhop Architecture (SAWA) and Mara Weiss, Public Works Monday 28 November, 6.30pm
Anna Webster with Oliver Hester and Sophia de Sousa Monday 5 December, 6.30pm
Hadrian Garrard and Katherine McNeil Monday 12 December, 6.30pm
Students For OGS and Architects for Social Housing (ASH) Monday 16 January, 6.30pm
Architecture Sans Frontieres UK and The Decorators Monday 23 January, 6.30pm
Julia King and Jan Kattein Monday 6 February, 6.30pm
Image of the Who Cares? talks poster.

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Date/Time Mondays, starting at 6.30pm
Location CE4-10, fourth floor, Central House
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