Students For OGS and Architects for Social Housing

A talk by Students For OGS and Architects for Social Housing (ASH), as part of the Who Cares? Talks.

The next talk of the Who Cares? series welcomes back alumni and Who Cares? founders Nikki McFarland and Ellie Howard to talk about the value that architectural interventions can bring to existing disadvantaged communities. On this topic, we will also hear from Geraldine Dening, founder of Architects for Social Housing (ASH).

Students For OGS was set up by Nikki McFarland, Ellie Howard and Jordana Lynden Swift last year, with a mission to build a pilot Early Years School that stimulate creative learning in the village of Mbollet-ba, The Gambia. The project was successfully completed just before Christmas.

Geraldine Dening is a founding member of the collective ASH, which promotes resistance by alternative design to London’s habit of demolishing social housing estates and displacing existing communities. ASH was set up to respond to London’s housing crisis with more sustainable architectural solutions that place the real needs of existing communities at the heart of regeneration schemes.


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Date/Time Monday 16 January, 6.30pm
Location CE4-10, 4th floor, Central House
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