Anna Webster with Oliver Hester and Sophia de Sousa

A talk by Anna Webster with Oliver Hester and Sophia de Sousa, as part of the Who Cares? Talks.

In the next talk of the series, we will continue to question the role of architects and designers in creating opportunities for communities to participate in "making".

Anna Webster will present on behalf of Orkidstudio in a joint presentation with Oliver Hester. Oliver has recently returned from Zambia after helping to build Sachibondu Health Centre in a remote and rural region of the country, in collaboration with Orkidstudio.

Sophia de Sousa will talk about her role at The Glass-House, a London-based charity working to connect designers with people in to order to make great places a reality for everyone.

Anna Webster, Oliver Hester, and Sophia de Sousa

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Date/Time Monday 5 December, 6.30pm
Location CE4-10, 4th floor, Central House
Facebook Who Cares? The Cass Explores Humanitarianism