London Met opens new Digital Forensics Laboratory

The new lab will facilitate impactful research, industry collaboration and opportunities for continuing professional development.

Date: 13 July 2022

London Met’s Cyber Security Research Centre is pleased to open a new Digital Forensics Lab (DFL), which will provide an essential Knowledge Exchange platform where academics, businesses and those working in the cyber security space can collaborate and learn.

The DFL will enable the University’s experts working in the cyber security space to engage in new, impactful research programmes, and work with industry and other key stakeholders, such as law enforcement, on crucial cyber security initiatives.

It will also run continuing professional development (CPD) courses for industry practitioners, including a new eight-week programme focused on cyber forensics; and offer practical services and consultancy to industry in Digital Forensics Incident Response.

Opening the DFL will create opportunities for interdisciplinary work between the Schools of Computing and Digital Media, Human Sciences and Social Sciences and Professions, which will create synergies, maximise income generation and deliver good impact case studies for the next REF. This is in line with the University’s Research and Knowledge Exchange strategic plan.

The importance of cyber security for individuals, businesses, the industry and for society as a whole, derives from the value of the information which needs protecting, from the impact that malicious activities can have on business operations and from the danger of distorting the democratic values of our society.

The launch of the DFL comes as companies around the country are seeing a rise in malicious digital activity, with the Police Commissioner stating that cybercrime has costUK firms billions over the last five years.”

The DFL is now fully resourced, and will be hosted at London Met’s Cyber Security Research Centre in room T7-20f on the Holloway Road Campus.

For further information or to inquire about working with the DFL, please contact Professor Karim Ouazzane or Dr Chahine Ghanem.

the digital forensics laboratory at London Metropolitan University