Cass Architecture student organises fundraising event to support refugees in Athens

Date: 26 October 2018

Would You? is a fundraising event and initiative to help refugees in Athens established by Cass architecture student Anita Zarzycka

The event is organised by  Anita who became involved when she and three colleagues from the Undergraduate architecture course Cass had an opportunity to go to Athens for three weeks, as field researchers. After seeing first hand the appalling the conditions refugees lived in, the students decided to initiate the fundraising campaign while still in Athens, raising £160 over 10 days which they used on their last day in the City to buy food for refugees. They split it evenly into about 16 bags of food and donated half of it to refugees in Eleona refugee camp, and half of it to refugee squatters in Hotel Oniro.

Explaining the project, Anita said, "Refugees are forced to flee their countries because of war and seek asylum in Greece. They end up living in overcrowded camps, squats and abandoned buildings. In the best-case scenario, they receive €3 a day. They lack food supplies and essential hygiene products. Despite their odds, refugees seek education and a chance for a new life. The event aims to raise money for the refugees. Traditional homemade Syrian food and drinks will be on sale."

Anita is returning to Athens on 15 November.

refugee area in athens

Would You?

8th November 6pm- 8pm

The Cass Atrium

Goulston Street

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