EXHIBITION: Fine Art Year 1 Pop-Up series

A series of pop-up exhibitions curated by first year Fine Art students.

Date: 22 March 2019

First year BA Fine Art students at The Cass are presenting their work at a series of pop-ups at venues in East and South East London over the next two weeks.  

The annual challenge sees the students curate and promote a temporary exhibition, in a venue they have negotiated for themselves. The pop-up series form part of the Fine Art course taught by Rosemarie McGoldrick, Peter Fillingham and Karen David, who visit each site to give support and feedback.

Mounting an exhibition so early in their studies helps equip the students with the skills to curate, plan, budget and negotiate - which will be invaluable both during their course but also when they enter the professional art world. They will also deal with promotional activities such as creating fliers and posters and attracting an audience via social media.

There will only be a few days after the series is over before the participating students mount their Open Studio Spring Exhibition at the school’s Calcutta House Annex building which is open to the public on 11 April.

Pop-ups 2019:

Charlie’s Place
The Steamship Pub, London, E14 9PF
26 March, 7pm 

Students: Gabriel Wilson, Charlie Guy, Louise Raust, Miles Wall, Brenda Grace Burch, Ed Trebilcock, Lucie Williams, Miya Gaia

Rumble in The Jungle 
Truman Brewery Reception, Brick Lane
27-29 March

Students: Jacqueline Byrne, Paola Martella, Rudolf Dimov, Angelos Foulis, Jason Molloy, Ralita Hancock

From My Mind
Wellbeing Centre, Tower Hamlets
2 April onwards - Times TBC

The Castle Pub, Commercial Road E1
2 April 4-10, with performances at 4.30pm and 7.30pm

Students: Culto999, Erica Elliott, Kayleigh Glass Parker, Nundi Patel, Madison Geores, Sarah Obina, Summe- Joy Oram-Ticke, Leonardo D'Elio

The Canvas Café
42 Hanbury St, London, E1 5JL   
2 April 12pm-4pm

Students: Amy Tyrell, Catherin Mclure, Faith Beswick, Rachel Demmen

Golden Ratio, Covent Garden

4th April

2 Girls Café
24a Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR
5 April 5pm-8pm


Image: From Different Strokes show at Castle Pub, Commercial Road by Joanne White 2017

people in a pub  room looking at art work

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