EXHIBITION: Fine Art Year 1 Pop-Up series

A series of pop-up exhibitions curated by first year Fine Art students.

Date: 2 March 2020

First year BA Fine Art students at The Cass are presenting their work at a series of pop-ups exhibitions around the Fine Art building in Aldgate on Tuesdays over March 2020

The project sees the students curate and promote a temporary exhibition, this year at a location within the art school.  Mounting an exhibition so early in their studies helps equip the students with the skills to curate, plan, budget and negotiate - which will be invaluable both during their course but also when they enter the professional art world. They will also deal with promotional activities such as creating fliers and posters and attracting an audience via social media.

There will only be a few days after the series is over before the participating students mount their Open Studio Spring Exhibition ( aka The Easter Bunny)  , also taking place at the school’s Calcutta House Annex building.

Pop-ups 2020 :

Group 1 Connectivity White Box Ground Floor 03.03.2020
Isabel Southey, Stuart Lee, Jilly Topping, Lydia Bedwell-Smith, Leon Ferretti

Group 3 Basement 03.03.2020
Mayara Garcia Deo, Eun Howie, Karla Labrador, Raquel Furtado Caracol

Group 2 White Box Ground Floor 10.03.2020
Miya Cotterell, Joe Howse, Maddie Kind, Laura Guevara Morales

Group 4 Basement 10.03.2020
Annabel Hayter, Frankie Parker, Lauren Fleck, Oskar Paprota

Group 5 White Box Ground Floor 17.03.2020
Luke Cleevely, Aleksej Adamaitis, Sam Baxter, Charleen Britchfield

Group 6 Ground Floor Seminar Space 17.03.2020
Mashaallah Khorshidi, India John, Jasmine Turley

Group 7 White Box Ground Floor 24.03.2020
Emily Street, Oumaima Kireche, Isobel Smith

Group 8 Ground Floor Seminar Space 24.03.2020
Chris Holmes, John Tricket, Konrad Jakubowski, Finbar Nutland

Group 9 White Box Ground Floor 31.03.2020
Wiktoria Kucwaj, Albert Kelleher, Kamilla Sila, Junk Moore

Group 10 Ground Floor Seminar Space 31.03.2020
Karina Jirgensone, Liani West-Paul, Timothy D’Cruz, Felix Dean, Georgia Koch


Image: From Different Strokes show at Castle Pub, Commercial Road by Joanne White 2017

people in a pub  room looking at art work

News details

Dates/ Times Tuesdays during March
Location Fine Art Annex, Calcutta House
Contact Johanna Halsten
Follow The Cass @TheCassArt

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