About the Pre-master's Programme

This semester-long Pre-master's Programme (PMP) will provide you with an entry route to the one-year, full-time master’s award at London Metropolitan University. The Pre-master's Programme will help those who have completed undergraduate/bachelor’s education overseas to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence required to successfully transition into postgraduate study.

Why study the Pre-master's Programme?

This programme will help you:

  • prepare for postgraduate study in the UK by developing knowledge of your chosen subject area
  • develop the ability to apply critical thinking skills to the understanding of unfamiliar environments, experiences and change
  • identify and develop research skills to support Level 7 (master’s) study
  • develop the qualities of effective self-management and personal awareness needed by independent and reflective learners
  • enhance English language skills for successful academic study at Level 7 (master’s) through the acquisition of advanced academic skills
  • become an active user of learning technologies widely used in the UK higher education environment

What is the duration of the Pre-master's Programme?

This is a semester-long Pre-master's Programme that lasts 15 weeks. You can apply now to get started with the Pre-master's Programme. 

What are the entry requirements for the Pre-master's Programme?

Standard international entry requirements are set for the Pre-master’s Programme:

  • completion of a Secure English Language Test that meets the English language requirements for an extended master's programme
  • Successful evidence of educational achievement in the country of origin (either a higher diploma or an honours degree) and/or completion of an associate degree or bachelor’s degree or equivalent

What is the course structure of the Pre-master's Programme?

The Pre-master's Programme contains one module: Academic Preparation Programme (APP3) (60 credits)

This module focuses on the following skills:

  • Academic Reading
  • Academic Listening
  • Academic Writing Theory and Practice
  • Academic Speaking and Presentations
  • Research Skills
  • Academic Grammar in Context

What subjects do you offer?

Following completion of the semester-long Pre-master's Programme, you can gain entry to one of our year-long master's degrees, allowing you to gain an extended master's in one of the following subjects:

How do I apply?

To apply for one of these programmes, visit our recruiting agent Education Centre of Australia's application portal.

What are the benefits of the Pre-master's Programme?

End-to-end support

You'll receive tailored academic and pastoral support from higher education experts to prepare you for a master's degree with London Met, with access to state-of-the-art learning, library and IT facilities.

Improved study skills

The Pre-master's Programme is designed to help you sharpen your skills and advance your knowledge of your chosen field of study at London Met. Additional study skills support will be provided to all international students to aid their progress in the programme.

Expert academic and student support

You will have the opportunity to learn from highly qualified academics and industry experts assisted by dedicated student support staff.

Post-study work rights

Once you've graduated, you will have access to a range of employment options with post-study working rights within the UK as well as the opportunity to explore global career opportunities.

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