Consumer information

Accreditation: London Metropolitan University is a recognised higher education institution and is listed as a recognised degree awarding body in the Education (Recognised Bodies) (England) Order 2010.

Copyright policy and computer use: See the University's referencing and copyright policy and IT acceptable usage policy.

Default management plan: The University has elected to accept the US Department of Education's default management plan. Default management is defined as the University taking action to encourage students to borrow responsibly, be familiar with financial literacy and the terms of their direct loans and observe their repayment obligations.

Employment service: London Met's Careers and Employability Team helps current and past students to develop the knowledge, skills and experience to become confident about making informed decisions about their career choices and helps them fulfil their potential by improving their employability. 

Federal funding and convictions: If you are convicted of a drug-related offence whilst receiving federal student aid, you could lose your eligibility for that funding. More information about this is available from the US Department of Education.

Federal loan and tuition fee refund policies: Federal regulations require the University to draw your attention to information (polices) on interrupting or withdrawing from your studies. These policies are available at the following links: Withdrawal and Refund Policy and Return to Title IV Policy.

Health and safety information: information can be obtained at the University's pages on safety and the environment

Module descriptions and reading lists: you will receive a module handbook for each of your modules when you start your undergraduate or postgraduate course. The module handbook will contain details of all required and recommended reading. Module descriptions and summary reading lists can also be found on the University’s course catalogue.

Right to review educational records: All London Met students can see their student record on EVision and can obtain and discuss details of your student record with staff in our school offices, should greater detail be required. Please note that University requires all students to keep their contact details (including telephone, cell phone and email) up to date at all times.

Student information, academic regulations and general student regulations: general student information can be obtained at the Student Zone, and course handbooks, academic and student conduct regulations can be found under General Student Regulations.

Student retention rates and destination data: Student graduation retention and graduate placement data for UK Universities can be found at the Higher Education Statistics Agency web page Performance Indicators in Higher Education in the UK.

Student support, wellbeing and equality diversity information can be obtained on the University’s student life webpages.

Tuition and study related costs: Information on tuition fees can be obtained on the University's course pages and on your study offer letter.

University facts and figures: With around 15,000 students London Met is one of the UK's most diverse universities. Our student body includes nearly 3,000 European and Non-European students from 155 countries. They are supported throughout their studies by 1,500 academic and non-academic staff.