Withdrawal and refund policy


If you withdraw or fail to attend your programme after enrolment, you MUST also inform the International Office, the financial aid co-ordinator and your loan servicer in writing no later than five working days after withdrawal. This is in addition to completing the formal notice of withdrawal form (see below). If you withdraw from your course of study at any point during the academic year, your withdrawal will be reported. This is a federal requirement. Before submitting your course withdrawal form please ensure it is signed and dated with the correct submission date and scan and email this to usfinancialaid@londonmet.ac.uk.

Reporting your withdrawal

Before withdrawing from your course you should first discuss your situation with your personal academic adviser or course leader. If you are in receipt of student funding then withdrawal can have an impact on future funding and the date you withdraw will certainly impact on this year’s funding. If you are in the UK on a student visa then you would almost certainly need to return home immediately when you withdraw from the University. If you do decide to withdraw from your course you are required to complete a formal notice of withdrawal. The completed form must be returned to your designated school office. Please see the University's student administration webpages for further information about withdrawal from your programme of study. 

Tuition fee refund policy

The University's fees policy and other documents relating to your enrolment at London Met can be obtained in the general student regulations.

Your liability for payment of tuition fees

Return or cancellation of direct loan funds to the Department of Education does not cancel your liability to the University for any annual tuition fee balance that may be outstanding on your account at the time of withdrawal. Non-payment of tuition fees will result in one, or more, of the following sanctions:

The University may:

  • withdraw library loan facilities, computer facilities and all other University facilities, including access to University buildings
  • cancel marks gained whilst a student is suspended
  • defer consideration for an award by the University Awards Board until the debt is paid
  • withhold invitation to and/or participation in a graduation ceremony
  • refer to our external debt collection agency(s) any unpaid amount due
  • exclude a student from the University's instalment payment plan for fees and require payment of all outstanding fees in full
  • exclude a student from the University on a temporary or permanent basis

Returning unearned financial aid

Failure to attend after enrolment is deemed to be a withdrawal. Any "unearned" loan funds disbursed to you directly must be returned to the Department of Education. If you withdraw from your programme of study, before and up to a point in time when 60% of your programme of study has expired, the University is required to return any unearned loan funds, in accordance with federal regulations. Please see the return to Title 4 policy for further details.